Qualified, outgoing talent who serve as show masters at events and lead through the show or performance.
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Fitness Ambassadors

Promote athletics and fitness programs and provide valuable information about the fitness program to potential customers.
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Tradeshow Representer

Representatives that engage potential clients with messaging and encourage learning more information about the product and brand.
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Nationwide Tours

Provision of professional and experienced talent at several locations over an extended period of time.
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Team Leads

Main staff contact which is responsible for organizing and handling any miscellaneous activities around the staffing team.
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Provide key brand messaging points and employ several sales techniques to maximize sales.
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Greeters / Hosts

Responsible for greeting, receiving and entertaining guests at the event and providing guidance and directions if necessary.
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Street Teams

Street Teams consist of a group of talent situated in front of a store and promoting the product on the street.
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Guerrilla Marketers

Unconventional marketing techniques that are based on alternative marketing ideas to promote a product or company.
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Costume Characters

Dressed in a full-body costume related to the product display and approach visitors to draw special attention.
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Autoshow Ambassadors

Ambassadors represent the company and the automobile on display and are able to provide basic information about the product.
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Includes choreographed and improvised dancing to convey brand messaging at a variety of marketing events.
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Product Demonstrators

Knowing key brand points, product specialists can give a larger variety of detailed information about the promoted product.
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Brand Ambassadors

Providing the customer with information and key brand messaging points about the product through flyers or samples.
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