Client FAQ’s

Can I see potential Talent before I hire them to staff my events?
Absolutely. Our Total Solution Staffing System gives us the ability to provide you with a username and password that will give you access to all individuals expressing interest in working your event.

Where do you find your talent?
Almost everywhere. We have been in the promotional staffing industry for many years and have developed an excellent reputation among Talent for prompt payment and great jobs. Most of our Talent signs up through word of mouth referrals, though we do have the ability to actively recruit Talent if necessary.

How long does it take for you to staff a job?
We can usually staff a job in a matter of hours; depending on the location we may even be able to do so in minutes, so last-minute requests are never out of the question. Of course, we prefer to be given as much notice as possible. The more time we have to give candidates a chance to express interest in working a job, the easier it will be for us to provide you with the highest quality Talent available.

My event is in a fairly obscure or remote location. Will you be able to staff it?
Probably. We have approximately 50,000 individuals registered in our talent database across the country. Call us today so we can begin the process of getting you the Talent you need.

Do you ever outsource staffing to another agency?
Never. Everyone we staff is registered with our company and has a profile on our database.

What kind of access and availability do you offer?
Every job has its own account manager who is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week for any issues that may arise. All of our account managers are available via email and/or telephone.

I am so pleased with an individual that you staffed with us that I want to hire him/her directly. How do I go about doing this?
Please contact your Account Manager. We often receive requests from clients wishing to hire Talent for extended periods of time and can arrange a buy-out agreement.

What kind of insurance do you have?
We carry a $2 Million General Liability insurance policy with an additional $2 Million umbrella.

How does Talent get paid?
All staffers are independent contractors working for GC Marketing Services. They are paid directly by our company four to six weeks after your event has been successfully completed.

It is late at night and I need to reach someone to discuss a problem. How?
Your Account Manager is available to you at all times Email your Account Manager, call their office line and leave a message, or call their mobile phone. You can also email and one of our account managers will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do I pay Talent directly?
No. You only pay GC Marketing Services. We handle the logistics of paying all event staff.

Talent FAQ’s

Are any agency fees taken out of my paycheck?
No. You will receive the full rate of pay that is listed on the initial job posting: GC Marketing Services does not take any commission or agency fee out of your paycheck.

How long does it take to get paid?
Payment is processed 30 days after the last day of the event and checks are cut on Fridays–just count 30 days out from your event and your check will be cut and mailed from our office in New York on the first Friday after that date.

How can I remove myself from your database?
Log onto our website at (click Login in the top right hand corner and then select Talent Login) and select the option to delete your profile.

What if I have to cancel a job for which I am already confirmed?
Of course it is best never to cancel, but we understand that emergency situations arise. If you absolutely must cancel a job, please send an email to the Account Manager who booked you for the job immediately and also call our main office line at (212) 780-5200 to inform us you cannot work. The more notice we get, the easier it will be for us to find someone to take your place and keep our clients satisfied.

Will canceling or arriving late affect my pay?
If you cancel with less than 72-hours notice or do not show up for a job, it is very unlikely that you will work future events; like any company, we prefer to work with independent contractors who are reliable and complete engagements for which they are contracted. Late arrivals will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but will often result in a decreased rate of pay to be determined by our Client. Please email online accounting@gcmarketingservices.comwith your specific question, citing an event date and client if possible.

How do you determine which job listings I receive?
When you registered with the site, you selected a primary market region and may have provided up to two additional markets in which you are able to work. To change these settings, please log on to your account at our website at and update your profile.

Do I get reimbursed for mileage?
You work as an independent contractor. There is no reimbursements offered by GC Marketing.

Do you pay for parking?
Parking policy varies by event, but parking is usually available at most job sites. You will be advised of the parking policy prior to the event.

What happens if a client cancels an event or cancels me? Will I still be paid?
Cancellation fees vary by client, job and timing. We will keep you informed of any cancellation fees you may be receiving via email.

I apply for jobs and I am never booked. Why not?
We sometimes receive hundreds of applicants for each position. Our clients can be very specific about exactly the kind of person they want. Please do not be discouraged – keep applying!

Will there be any other deductions from my payment checks, such as taxes?
No. You signed an Independent Contractor agreement with us and will be paid as a 1099 Independent Contractor vendor. Therefore, you will receive your full pay and are responsible for your own tax deductions and withholdings.

I worked for GC and I have not yet received an end of year 1099. Why not?
Federal and State Law mandates that we generate a 1099 for every independent contractor who earned in excess of $600 annually; if you did not meet this minimum threshold, we will not generate a 1099 for you or report your income to the IRS

I worked for GC a while ago and still have not received my check. Why not?
In all likelihood, your Independent Contractor Form is not on file with our accounting department. If you did not submit an IC Form, please download one here, fill it out, and mail it to our office in hard copy. Forms can be submitted via U.S. Mail to the address listed on the document. If you did submit an IC Form but still have not been paid for a job, please email Order with the job details and hours/dates you worked.

I moved. How do I change my address to receive payments and get new job listings?
Simply log on to your account at and update your profile. Our accounting system is integrated with our online database, so your checks will be sent to your new address. Update your locations in your profile to receive job listings in your new area.

Which address is my check sent to, the one on my profile or the one that I put on my Independent Contractor Form?
All checks are mailed to the address available in your online profile. Please make sure to keep this address current.

Prospective Talent FAQ’s

What do you do with my information?
GC Marketing takes tremendous care with your personal information. Your profile is safely stored in our secure database and can only be accessed by authorized GC Marketing Bookers and clients.

How do I receive job listings?
You will receive an email from every time a job opportunity arises in your market region for which you are qualified. Please make sure you add that address to your address book and safe senders list.

How do I apply for jobs?
All you have to do is click the link in the job posting email. The system does the rest!

How old do I need to be in order to work with GC Marketing?
All talent must be at least 18 years old.

How long does it take to receive payment for work?
Checks are sent out within 4-6 weeks of an events completion.

How do you determine the job listings I receive?
When you register with the site, you select your primary market region. You also have the option of providing up to two additional markets in which you are able to work. You will receive notifications for all jobs in the areas you select for which you are qualified.

Can I turn down jobs?
Of course. Creating a profile in our database only means that you will receive information about jobs that arise in your area: you are under no obligation to apply for or work at any of them.

Am I allowed to work with other companies or on other jobs not through GC?
Absolutely! Your work with us is as an independent contractor. You have no obligation to us whatsoever and are free to complete engagements with whomever you like. In fact, a lot of our Talent are full-time employees of different companies and work on engagements offered through GC to earn some extra money.