Gap Celebrates Mother’s Day in Times Square

The Mother of All Holidays

Picture this: It’s Mother’s Day weekend, and you’re strolling through Times Square. Then suddenly, dozens of women begin to appear, clad in the classic Gap trench coat, gifting bouquets to deserving mothers left and right. In partnership with Gap, our team at GC Marketing was able to make this fun and inspiring idea a reality.

In less than three weeks, we interviewed our detailed network of brand ambassadors in the New York area to select fifty energetic women. Our main objective: locate that special inner drive that would bring joy and passion to the event. To accomplish this, we prompted candidates to share memories they shared with their mothers and what motherhood has meant in their own lives. After the selection process, our coordination systems pressed into high gear to ensure a slim no-show rate, corresponding goals, and genuine energy to drive the event forward to success. When Mother’s Day dawned, we had staffed the most enthusiastic and reliable women to both represent Gap and to spread awareness for the brand and their Mother’s Day sale.